How to Stop Boredom Eating!

While eating only when you are truly, physically hungry is ideal… I think we have all found ourselves eating when not hungry. I know I have many times! I’m going to focus on one very common trigger… boredom!

Can you relate? Do you find yourself seeking out food in these common situations….

  • While winding down in the evenings
  • During slow points at work
  • Downtime at home on the weekends
  • While doing something that is “mindless” or not very engaging (such as watching TV)
  • When  procrastinating on a project, or while doing something you don’t enjoy
  • When alone with nobody around to talk to

So how do you combat boredom eating??? Here’s how:

Find something to do…STAT!  There is no better way to prevent or stop the trigger than to fulfill that specific need.  So if you’re bored, you need to get UN-BORED! The problem is that we eat because we think we don’t have anything better to do, but that is so not true!

According to a thesaurus, here are a few words that describe the opposite of being bored….

  • Fascinated
  • Energized
  • Interested
  • Engaged
  • Refreshed
  • Enthusiastic
  • Excited
  • Exhilarated

So now that we know the feelings that essentially describe NOT being bored, follow these simple steps to stop boredom eating for good!

  1. Take out a piece of paper and list out all of these words leaving space between each.
  2. Go through each word/feeling on the list and think about something you do that gives you that feeling. Write down the activity(ies) next to each word/feeling.
  3. Put that paper somewhere it is readily available (purse, wallet, posted on the fridge, posted on computer at work, etc.)
  4.  The next time you feel bored and want to eat, refer to that piece of paper and do something from that list!

Because I was once a boredom eater, I came up with these steps and IT WORKS! Here is what is on my piece of paper:

  • Fascinated- 1) being outside in nature, and/or 2) playing with my daughter
  • Energized- going for a run, or just moving my body in some way
  • Interested- 1) reading a good book, or 2) researching a topic I’ve been wanting to know more about
  • Engaged- 1) calling/catching up with family or a friend I haven’t talked to in awhile, OR 2) writing a blog post 🙂
  • Refreshed- 1) breaking a sweat through exercise and then taking a shower,  or 2) cleaning out a closet or drawer and tossing or donating items I no longer need
  • Enthusiastic- 1) listening to music, or 2) journaling
  • Excited- planning a trip, a social gathering, date night, or to attend an event… basically just making future plans to look forward to!
  • Exhilarated- 1) being productive by either accomplishing things from my to-do list or finishing a big project, or 2) doing something good for someone else

So those are my boredom go-to’s! Once you’ve a chance to come up with yours, please share!


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